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Hano Hano one on one teaching method





Advantages of Hano Hano one to one teaching method

Our targeted counseling fully takes into account each child's personality and learning level to avoid children's resistance to learning due to pressure.

We advocate the interaction between teachers and students. In addition to cultivating children's courage to ask questions, teachers will also listen to children's voices and understand children's inner world in interaction.

The flexible one-to-one teaching method avoids rigid and repetitive classroom content, saves learning time and greatly improves children's learning progress.

Teachers adjust the curriculum according to children's strengths and weaknesses, help students develop good listening habits and improve classroom efficiency.

Hano Hano escorts you on the road of children’s multi field growth. We change the conventional learning process and adopt vivid teaching methods and interesting activities to enable children to learn effectively.


Changes in thinking that can be seen

Easy to read and write

Improve children’s reading and vocabulary through one-on-one word recognition training.

Self expression

By guiding children to think actively and encouraging them to express themselves and share their views confidently in learning language, children can change from “dare not say” to “I want to say”.

Logical thinking

Through a variety of thinking training, children who were originally inattentive and disorganized can think independently and do things more reasonably.

Why choose Hano Hano?

3 to 8 years old is the fastest time for children to learn to read and have the strongest memory in their life. At this time, the child’s brain is like a sponge. For them, memory is not a burden, but a physiological need. This is the best time for children to learn to read, and the speed of literacy is fast, which will also promote the development of the cerebral cortex in the process of reading.


Literacy is the forerunner of learning and the premise for children to master written language. Especially in the information network age, children’s learning rhythm has become very fast. At this time, zero-based children will face the problem that they can’t finish their homework and hate going to school. Therefore, we encourage parents to teach their children to read before they go to primary school, so as to make it easier to connect young children.


Hano Hano has four advantages: personalized teaching scheme, one-to-one teaching and potential development, and a professional teaching team with more than 4 years of teaching experience to find the best teaching scheme for each child with different personalities, so as to ensure that each child can receive full attention and teaching, so that they can learn easily in an active and vivid classroom atmosphere.

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Language carries thoughts,
we carry dream

Hano Hano firmly believes that language can break the boundaries of thinking and make dreams easier to realize.

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