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Hano Hano,
one to one language education center

Founded in 2021, Hano Hano one-to-one language education center provides language, neural potential development and training hosting services for children. Our language courses include three categories: Mandarin courses, B.M. courses and English courses, which are committed to enabling children to master languages fluently.

Words from the principal

Many parents send their children to various training classes early because they are afraid that their children will lose at the starting point. But in fact, education is a long-distance race. The more anxious they are, the more mistakes they make. Instead of overemphasizing on the starting line, we pay more attention to their children’s long-term development. Hano Hano’s education model respects their children’s growth rhythm and accompanies them through the transformation slowly.

I believe that conforming to children’s nature and teaching students according to their based on their aptitude are the best teaching methods. The ultimate success of life cannot be achieved only by mastering knowledge and skills. Only creativity, a healthy personality and independent critical thinking ability can unlock a happy life.

Every child is special, and children at the age of growth need 100% love and company from their parents. Therefore, Hano Hano firmly believes that one-to-one teaching method is the best scheme for children’s learning. Through one-on-one guidance and education of teachers, we let children gain satisfaction and success in the learning process, and let them unleash their potential to the greatest extent in a comfortable learning rhythm.

Course Introduction

Language carries thoughts,
we carry dream

Hano Hano firmly believes that language can break the boundaries of thinking and make dreams easier to realize.


Customer Comments

I'm impressed with this 1 to 1 learning center. I noticed my boys have improved a lot in their BC and BM, which giving them a great foundation before starting Primary School. I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all the teachers for their diligent effort, time and patience. Keep up the good work!

Jerrick and Brandon's Mummy

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