B.M. Course


Whole brain potential development course

Tailored learning program

One to one interactive teaching

The teaching materials are in line with the curriculum of domestic schools

Four advantages of B.M. course

Left brain and right brain development training courses to achieve the goal of stimulating potential

Conduct one-on-one teaching and give children 100% concentration

Cooperate with children's learning rhythm and customize learning programs

Teaching materials synchronized with domestic school courses

The focus of Malay education is the mastery of syllables (Suku Kata). Since the current primary school curriculum has begun to teach grammar, children must learn syllables before they go to primary school. In this way, children can read and spell without rote. Hano Hano B.M. course focuses on three important foundations: syllable pronunciation, reading and writing to help children learn B.M. efficiently. At the same time, our one-to-one teaching method greatly improves the learning efficiency, so as to solve the problems of children’s slow learning and inattention.


Course Details

Hano Hano B.M. courses are taught according to different ages and different B.M. levels, using different teaching materials and teaching methods. It is suitable for children aged 4 to 12.

Suitable age

4 to 12 years old

Course duration

1 hour to 2 hours

Teaching method


Number of classes

8 classes a month

Course content

What does the childrens have to say

I'm impressed with this 1 to 1 learning center. I noticed my boys have improved a lot in their BC and BM, which giving them a great foundation before starting Primary School. I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all the teachers for their diligent effort, time and patience. Keep up the good work!

Jerrick and Brandon's Mummy

Want children to develop their brain potential and master language as soon as possible?

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