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The story of Hano Hano

Hano Hano is a one-to-one Language Education Center for children aged 4-12, providing your children with high-quality language education, neural potential development courses and happy learning. In Hano Hano, your child can learn in an efficient and happy environment. In addition, Hano Hano language education can enable children to master a solid language foundation, enhance their self-confidence and improve their overall learning ability.



Adhering to the teaching concept of incremental progression, we integrate education and entertainment, and use one-on-one education to help children learn happily and release their unlimited potential. Hano Hano’s optimized and advanced one-to-one teaching method is an efficient education program tailored to children’s personality and learning needs from the whole process of pre-school, middle school and post-school. Under personalized education, we believe that every child can learn happily according to his own ability and grow up in joy.

We have a group of teachers who love education, are serious and responsible, have received professional training and are full of love for children. All teachers are strictly screened and have the characteristics of “loving and understanding children”. They are all “child kings” who are good at driving children to learn! At the same time, our teachers are also good at observation and communication, and fully support parents to become better parents.

Hano Hano Chronicle

Early 2021

Hano Hano Education Center was officially established

Early 2021
May 2021

The number of professional teachers exceeds 40

May 2021
December 2021

The cumulative number of students exceeded 300

December 2021


Classess Complete


Student Enrolled


Certified Teachers


Countrywide Award

Why choose Hano Hano?

3 to 8 years old is the fastest time for children to learn to read and have the strongest memory in their life. At this time, the child’s brain is like a sponge. For them, memory is not a burden, but a physiological need. This is the best time for children to learn to read, and the speed of literacy is fast, which will also promote the development of the cerebral cortex in the process of reading.


Literacy is the forerunner of learning and the premise for children to master written language. Especially in the information network age, children’s learning rhythm has become very fast. At this time, zero-based children will face the problem that they can’t finish their homework and hate going to school. Therefore, we encourage parents to teach their children to read before they go to primary school, so as to make it easier to connect young children.


Hano Hano has four advantages: personalized teaching scheme, one-to-one teaching and potential development, and a professional teaching team with more than 4 years of teaching experience to find the best teaching scheme for each child with different personalities, so as to ensure that each child can receive full attention and teaching, so that they can learn easily in an active and vivid classroom atmosphere.

Hano Hano Courses

Our Goals


Hano Hano follows the rhythm of children and accompanies them to roam in the ocean of knowledge in a high-quality education model. We believe that the purpose of education is to activate children's potential and let them have a happier and wonderful future. In Hano Hano, we do not suppress children's thoughts, guide children to learn in a civilized and respectful way, and cultivate children's good morality while imparting knowledge.


Hano Hano is determined to break children's thinking boundaries and achieve comprehensive improvement and happy growth through personalized and relaxed one-on-one teaching methods.

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